Marija Puipaitė (b. 1987, Lithuania) and Vytautas Gečas (b. 1987, Lithuania) are Vilnius-based designers and PhD students at the Vilnius Academy of Arts. Both artists obtained their BA in Product Design at the Vilnius Academy of Arts, followed by an MA in Contextual Design at the Design Academy Eindhoven.

Despite a collaborative working style, each of the designers has an individual creative approach. Puipaitė uses the human body as the starting point for her designs: whether it is furniture or jewellery, each piece cultivates an intimate, organic connection with its user/wearer. Gečas, on the other hand, turns to domestic objects as subjects of personification. By leaning on complexity, fragmentation and layering, he plays with different perceptions and contexts of the created objects. Besides developing and presenting personal creative projects, both designers collaborate with brands, engage in mentoring, and curate design workshops and exhibitions. By merging two different design practices, the artists look for common points and unexpected outcomes in object-based narratives. Their works are born through exploring the relations between contemporary and traditional materials, contrasting cold and hard, brass, metallic, or carbon structures with wood or cushioned, “comfortable” forms. Thus, various organic variations are created, leaving room for possible reconstruction. In many cases, the constructive framework of the designed objects remains exposed to viewer. This creates a rhythmic unfolding of the works’ inner structure that in turn, enveloped in the accompanying material, causes a fluidity in the shapes and an ergonomic feel.