Dangira, a well-known and highly respected professional in Switzerland, not only for her taste and style in fashion, design and art. Born in Lithuania to a well-known family of entrepreneurs, from a very young age she expressed her qualities in the field of real estate and design, she is an eclectic entrepreneur, engaging in a myriad of activities successfully, scrupulously and effectively.


In 2008 she founded “Copertina” in Lugano, and opened a unique and exceptional shop, a world of taste and trend. She is passionate, she is innovative, constantly in search of what’s beautiful and niche. For lovers of elegance, beauty and quality.


“The fundamental elements are highly selected materials, prestigious and personalised finishes, accurate craftsmanship”. She works with the main luxury brands in Italy and abroad.


Dangira also deals with art, working with her husband, the well-known Art Dealer, Stefano Cortesi, in the Cortesi Gallery.


She began to interface with the “Social” world, immediately gathering many admirers for whom she is a valuable reference point.