Furnishing or renovating your home is a job never to be taken lightly. There are so many technical, organisational and aesthetic aspects to take into consideration that it is always better to get help from a professional interior decorator. In addition to saving time, it also means saving money and avoiding unnecessary mistakes.


We have brought together a team of experts made up of designers, architects, decorators, artisans, floral stylists and art consultants. We offer the best selections of exclusive furniture, objects, and furnishing accessories. High-class creations to make each project unique and special, and to satisfy the aesthetic requirements of the client.

Another fundamental aspect is the ability to keep up with the times: a good interior designer must always be up-to-date with the latest trends and not miss fairs and company exhibitions where they can see and handle the objects they propose to their clients.


“The fundamental elements are the highly selected materials, prestigious and personalised finishes, accurate craftsmanship”. We work with the main luxury brands in both Italy and abroad.

 Our interior designers are available for:

Our interior designers are available for:

– study the right dimensions and positioning of the furnishings in any environment,
evaluate the proportions of the passage space

– choose the best quality materials and technology,
arrange the furnishings in a comfortable and functional way

– evaluate the architectural renovation and modernization of spaces

– give advice on the choice of furnishing elements (floors, coverings, lights, colors,
decorations, furniture, furnishing accessories

– listen to your needs, organize and manage labour
help you live the dream you have always wanted

Copertina also deals with art by collaborating with the Cortesi art gallery.