In “Copertina” we firmly believe that good Interior design should be an ideal solution for everyone. Creating a tailor-made project that reflects the wishes of those who will live in the house, enhancing every space and creating functional environments.


Creating the best combination of colors, making the right choice of accessories, furniture and design objects that best suit your environments. It can also help develop spaces that are consistent in their use, ergonomics and lighting technique.



At “Copertina” we firmly believe that good design should be available for all. Hoping to introduce our clients with the benefits of a well designed space we have formed a partnership with designers and architects all over the world who share this passion. 


Our team of designers offers the full spectrum of services and are ready to provide solutions that best fit your project as fast as in a single calendar week:


  • Furniture layout (1 week)
  • Interior sketches (1 week)
  • Design concept collage (1 week)
  • Detailed 3d renderings (1-2 weeks)

1. Basic


Deadline: 1 week

Pricing: 10.00 CHf Per m2


Floor layout and furniture arrangement is the most crucial aspect to a home’s comfort and function.


Our team of designers will do their best to accommodate all your requirements and create a tailor made solution for your space. The end result will be a comprehensive and easy to read floor plan.

2. standart


Deadline: 1 week

Pricing: 18.00 CHf per m2


Bundled together with the floor plan the sketches will provide a much more detailed view of the furniture layout and help visualise each individual space. 


The accompanying mood board made for each individual project with colour and style proposals.

3. premium


Deadline: 2 weeks

Pricing: 25.00 CHF Per m2


The fully detailed 3-D renders will prove to be an invaluable resource when realising the full vision of the apartment or house. 


The images will help create a roadmap in choosing colours, finishes as well as lighting and furniture pieces, ensuring a cohesive and harmonious aesthetic throughout the entirety of the space.

4. Outdoor Basic


Deadline: 1 week


Balcony – 100.00 CHF

Terrace – 200.00 CHF

Yard – 400.00 CHF


A complete and easy to read layout of outdoor furniture and flower arrangements, decorative plants.

5. Outdoor Premium


Deadline: 1 week


Balcony – 200.00 CHF

Terrace – 400.00 CHF

Yard – 1000.00 CHF


In addition to the floor plan our team of specialists will create propositions for lighting, floral arrangements, decorative plants, but also aromatic and medicinal plants and, sometimes, even small gardens, furniture and accessory selection.

The accompanying 3-D renders will help visualise the proposed solutions in vivid detail with examples of colours and finishes.


Interior designer

If you are considering our services please feel free to reach out via the form below. You will be contacted as soon as possible.


Please consider providing relevant information about your project:


  • General design description such as colour scheme and overall aesthetic
  • Detailed project requirements and needs
  • Important details such as number of residents or other relevant information


As well as attaching relevant files such as:


  • Floor plans
  • Detailed photos of the spaces
  • Example photos of similar designs or important details (optional)


Notice: The services provided are to be used for aesthetic purposes only and can not be applied for construction without first consulting with relevant specialists.