Outdoor living in 2021

With the summer heat in full swing I find myself relishing the open air a lot more often. I believe that outdoor living is one of the fundamentals of any luxurious residence and a vital part of our own mental wellbeing. To enjoy the sun and the summer breeze in comfort is one of my favorite pleasures in life. And yet I find that this aspect of residential design is rarely realised to its full potential or worse, completely ignored. And so I wanted to share some of my favourite tips on creating and decorating the perfect outdoor space.

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In order to properly relax we first must get comfortable. Quality lounge furniture is perhaps the most important part of creating an enjoyable and in my opinion is what demands the largest investment. After all these will be the pieces that you will be using the most. Why not make sure that they will be both comfortable and stand the test of time?

This season the highlight for me is definitely the LOOM collection by Potocco. The retro inspired solid mahogany wooden frame with tall embossed lacquered metal legs create an elegant and light silhouette, a style that a lot of designers and architects are very fond of. The collection consists of a modular sofa, a 3-seater, daybed and a lounge chair with an indoor version of the collection also available.

But if you truly wish to experience the absolute essence of relaxation I have to introduce you to the Casilda daybed by Talenti. The soft and voluminous cushions with the warm and enveloping fabrics used for the curtains, give this piece an elegant and welcoming look for a genuinely relaxing moment. Fair warning: you may never look at a simple daybed the same ever again.

Designer tip: while a single collection will help you achieve that tidy and thought-through look (something I myself am a big fan of) it is never a bad Idea to introduce a bit of eclecticism with a contrasting piece.



What is the point of having a large terrace without being able to share it with friends and loved ones? There is just something very special about a full breakfast greeted by the rising sun or a candle lit late evening dinner. The dinner table is of course the center of any fine dining and the choice of said table greatly affects the experience.

A round table is always a great choice for a more “diplomatic” dining experience. The Sophie collection is an amazing example of Italian design meets scandinavian understatement. The outdoor table consists of an octagonal steel base covered in hemp or nautical rope and comes with a variety of tabletop finishes.

For something more grand you should look for a larger and longer table like the CRUISE 240*110 . The imposing yet elegant table will definitely make a statement and provide a more notable dining experience. The table is part of the larger “Cruise Teak” collection and comes in an equally chic occasional table size.

The choice of seating is a more personal decision. But the main points to consider when choosing a dining chair is handrests = comfort while their absence helps to create a more open environment (great if you’re planning to seat a lot of guests). With this category you are absolutely spoiled with choices but I’d like to provide some of my favorite examples nonetheless:



For me lighting is the most important part of any project I am working on. Architectural lighting is a complicated topic all on its own and it’s installation is affected by many different aspects such as the size of both building and the outside space, the stage of construction and most importantly the type of space I am working with. Trying to explain it in a single paragraph would do the topic a disservice. Instead I would like to remind you that in addition to architectural lighting supplementary or portable lights are not something to be forgotten and are essential to establishing a welcoming atmosphere in your space. Some great examples:

Tessili e accessori


While the fundamentals are of course fundamental the smaller details are just as important in order to create a pleasant and inviting environment. Investing in some quality textiles will ensure that your space is not only functional but also comfortable. Some pillows and throws will go a long way in keeping you warm in the colder nights. An outdoor rug if you’re brave enough can fundamentally change how you look at your outdoor space. While with cushions and blankets there is a variety of budget options a rug however should be purchased from a reputable dealer. That way you can guarantee its quality and longevity (there is a reason why “outdoor” is a separate category). Both “Talenti” and “Visionnaire-Home” offer a selection of quality rugs.

Accessories such as a marble tray or a statement vase should also be considered. Floral and vegetation can also have a very strong effect, though with bigger projects I do recommend working with a professional.

Now if by chance we caught you in the middle of renovating or perhaps even in the planning stage and wishing for professional help we advise you to intervene immediately, before the floor has been laid. This way, with the construction site electrician we can see where to bring the points of electricity for lighting the pots and with the gardener for automatic watering. In order to enjoy your terrace in the evening you must equip it with a lighting system. We can install lamps expressly made for outdoor use, in order to create light effects that make it super chic. The terrace in the city decorated with greenery gives adds a lot of value as well as personal satisfaction, especially in spring and summer when you can enjoy it most. For a terrace in the city it is better to focus on perennials, greenery you can enjoy all year round. We can recommend plants such as bamboo, Japanese maple, buxus or fragrant aromatic herbs.

To furnish the terrace, you always need furniture that is suitable and resistant to all weather conditions, from sun to rain. Natural materials such as wood or rattan are fine, but also plastic or metal furnishings work well. As for the upholstery, we recommend waterproof and weather resistant, so you can safely leave them outside even in case of rain. The choice of the furniture line will also be based on the style of the interior of your home, in order to maintain a certain harmony.

Fundamental to the success of your terrace is the choice of flooring, which will influence the style but above all the comfort of this space. Considering the outside, it will be necessary to select a material resistant to atmospheric agents and non-slip such as stone, stoneware or wood. We really like porcelain with a wood or stone effect, pvc.
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