Textile trends for 2021

Working in interior design I always make an effort to keep an eye out on the latest technologies such as smart home integration, cutting edge materials and of course the latest trends in lighting. But when working on a project one must never forget about the fundamentals. And one of the most important ones is of course textile. Nothing ever quite captivated my imaginations as textile. It’s versatility in both application and choice of appearance and the profound effect these have on a space. 

Innovations in this category captivate me just as much if not more and whenever the newest catalogs roll out it’s like Christmas for designers. Of course I would like to share my favourites with you (and how to use them).


1. An extension of the walls.

One of my go to tricks is matching the curtains to the color of the walls. All of the benefits and none of the drawbacks. That way they blend perfectly into the architecture of the space keeping everything light and airy while still maintaining that feeling of softness that we all love. Works best if the rail is concealed in the ceiling. The MAESTRALE collection from Marcato has a beautiful selection of sheers. A great starting point! For a more tactile look both Esperance and Saline by Casamance are great choices!

2. Earth tones

If you want to give your space some definition but still keep thighs clean and warm, sandy or earthy tones is a tried and true choice. A good way to create a subtle frame around the window rather than simply block it. Natural fibers work best for that rustic look. Or go for textured synthetics if you want to avoid the maintenance.

The above mentioned collections are great. Casal will leave you spoiled for choices with their range of plains and solids. The Illusion collection by Casamance offers an enormous selection of colors so finding the right nude is easy. And it comes in a variety of densities. A great choice when you want to create a cohesive look with day and night curtains.

3. Lavish colors

When trying to make a statement with your textiles solid colors are a surefire way to add drama to the space. Pastels will work great for a more subdued look and work best with natural fibers..But if you’re but if you’re looking for something more regal and have the courage going just a bit darker a heavier fabric, like a rich velvet works best.

Casal has an amazing selection of said velvets (both solid and with patterns). For seats the latest CABOURG collection offers the  touch of structure with a beautiful ribbed effect while maintaining a soft touch.

4. Prints

Now this is where the imagination can roam wild. Whether in pursuit of the traditional or a more eclectic look, patterns are an amazing tool to add mystique and intrigue to the space. While geometric patterns are great for a more sophisticated interior it is sometimes favorable to have a little fun with the choice of fabrics. If you are trying to make a statement why not have your curtains be a point of conversations for your guests.

Casal has an amazing selection of patterned sheers or velvets if you need something with a bit more punch. 

This year Casamance has revealed a new floral CITE DES ROSES collection which is simply too delightful not to share.

Now I know better than anyone that choosing the right fabrics is a daunting task. Luckily I’m here to help! If anything caught your eye feel free to reach out to our teams of experts. We offer free onsight consultations and maintain the highest standards of quality.