TP apartment by Studio Arthur Casas

I fell in love with this project for its captivating blend of contemporary styling and parisian romanticism. As an art consultant myself I was captivated by the exceptional selection of furnishings and striking artworks and how the more rustic pieces compliment the graphic painting and sculptures.

Located on one of the most elegant streets of Paris, surrounded by all the major fashion boutiques and contemporary art galleries, the 177 sq.m. apartment reinforces the city’s blend of rich history and modern sensibility. Design studio Arthrur Casas and architect Marina Werfel were hired by the apartment residents, a family with two children, to create a practical well laid out floor plan that could accommodate both a family life and the occasional guests.

As is the case with most historic renovations the greatest challenge was to meet the expectations of the clients while adapting to the original structures limitations. The building’s heritage was also considered, preserving the apartments original layout. Some of the original elements, such as the wooden beams, were left deliberately exposed adding to the rustic nature of the apartment’s aesthetic.

The main room combines the living room, the dining room, and the kitchen. The limits and boundaries of each area are defined by the careful and thoughtful arrangement of furniture such as the kitchen island separating the living room from the kitchen. The sofas were positioned in such a way that creates a glamorous space for entertainment and promotes conversation between guests.

A primarily monochromatic palette is accented by warm woods. The natural tones and surfaces create a feeling of warmth and harmony throughout the apartment as well as adding a rustic element to juxtapose the more contemporary details. The clients were heavily involved in the selection of both furniture and decoration. Many of the pieces were sourced directly from Paris. The hand picked furniture pieces are complimented by custom-made elements such as the large wooden bench located behind the sofa that softens the transition between the kitchen and the living areas as well as functioning as occasional seating.